Prop Traders


TRADEVIEW has some of the most talented Traders in the Proprietary Trading space. Employing a team of seasoned professionals with experience in various markets, TRADEVIEW always welcomes qualified Traders and Groups looking to become a part of the team.


Profit disbursements are made monthly to our traders. All of our traders run their trading as a business and, thus, can take advantage of all of the benefits of having a business for tax purposes.

TRADEVIEW Capital Sharing is an innovation in our industry that allows our traders to significantly increase their leverage

EXAMPLE:As one of our traders, if you earned $10,000 in profits in the March options period and were on a 75% profit split, then you could receive a disbursement of $7,500 for that month! Or, you may choose to keep some or all of your profits inside your trading account.
Increases in access to firm capital are granted based on each trader’s trading performance, profits retained in their account and size of risk deposit.
Level advancement is made via management approval.